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Exclusively Christy Merchant

See What My Customers Have To Say!!!

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Hi, we got the dress this morning and it is PERFECT!!!!!  It fits like a glove and is gorgeous.  We absolutely love it!  ***** tried it on and if she smiles at the pageant the way she did when she saw herself in the mirror she'll blind the judges!  Thank you so much for answering all my questions and for the fantastic dress.
My only question now is where do I direct all the people who are going to see your dress and want one of their own!?   Thank you so much for the beautiful work, it was well worth the wait and we love it.    Elaine


I picked up the dress from the post office this morning. We were so anxious, I took the dress by for my granddaughter to try on immediately.  It is a perfect fit, the colors are very becoming to her fair coloring and the style just right for her age. The dress is just beautiful. I would never have been able to find a more perfect dress.  The quality of the dress is exceptional. My mother and oldest sister (both deceased) were fine seamstresses, me, I’m just get-by, when I can manage the time. I truly wish they both could see the dress.  They would have also been impressed.

She has a dress rehearsal one night this week and the pageant is next Saturday.  I will send pictures to you after the pageant and I will also post a positive response on the internet, (hopefully she’ll do well!).

Thanks again for the wonderful design and a beautifully made dress. If we are in need of another dress, we will defiantly call you.

Hi Christy!
I just got the dress and it is AMAZING! The pictures don't do it justice. I can't wait for ****** to get home from school - she is going to be so thrilled! it was well worth the wait, and I would love to work with you again. Thank you so much - it really is perfect!!! : )


Christy we are so happy with the dress how can I leave you feedback people really need to know that you create works of art I can not wait to put the stones on. My little girl is so happy she loved the clover!!!!

Bless you, you have made us extremely happy!!



I just wanted you to know that I got the dress today.  It is just breath taking!  I love it!  I have not tried it on (her) yet, but I will let you know something tomorrow.  I will be on pins and needles until I see it on her.  UGH!  

I just wanted to also tell you that I LOVED the little four leaf clover in the bodice.  That is very thoughtful!!!  You are just so sweet to put special touches like that on your designs!!

God Bless!



I got the dress this morning.  It looks great.  I will send some pictures when I get it stoned and pageant ready.
Thanks so much!
It already looks beautiful without the decorations. We are added hot pink to
the dress with swarovski rhinestones and venise lace.  We should have it
finished within a week or so. If you have business cards, I will hand them
out at the pageant for you.
Thank you again,
Hi Christy,
Thank you so much for making my daughter such a beautiful skirt. Here is a picture of her wearing it for the first time and winning the pageant. She wore it two times last weekend and won both pageants.  If you want to send me some business cards I can send some business your way.
I received Julie's bodice yesterday and I am very pleased.  It fits perfectly and looks great on her.  I'm starting to get it decorated today.
Thanks so much for helping me out in a rush.
Thank you so much for the beautiful dress. The color is more beautiful than I hoped for.
You did an excellent job and it fit perfectly. Thankyou. Lisa
The dress looks beautiful, thanks for your time.

Hey Christy,

 We just received (our daughter's) dress and tried it on her!!!!!!! all i can say is WOW, what an awesome job! not to sound chessy but I almost cried! it is soooooooooo her.....colors are beautiful, we are die hard lsu fans and that is their colors, and she loved it!!!!!! perfect! thanks for the good luck charm in the inside! thanks again! we will deffinately spread your good name, kindness and would love to do business with you again...thanks, kelly


The dress and swimwear are gorgeous. I am going to send you a comment on eBay that way you can reply and let it be seen in you auction. God bless. How much would it be for another bodice in that yellow. The bodice is so pretty that I could use one just slightly decorated for COED or NAM.


I got the swimwear today and it fits (our Daughter) really well. Thanks so much

Please let me know if you ever decide to do shells.  I would probably order 3-5 monthly.
If not more. Thanks, Christy
I was so impressed!  Your shell was like a breath of fresh air.  I will definitely use you again in the future.
In fact, I may have another order for you very soon.  I was so impressed with how you made the edges look so clean and you put the hooks on and the skirt was just beautiful.  I loved it.  Thank you so much for the quality workmanship at an excellent price.  I'll be in touch.
Thanks Christy!  It looks great!  Can't wait to get started on it!  You're a life saver.  Thank you for all you have done for us.  I will highly recommend you to all of our fellow pageant goers!  I hope business is good for you, we need someone that is affordable like you in pageantry! 
Thanks again!

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