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Exclusively Christy Merchant

Your Custom Measurements Please...

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Please take measurements carefully because I can only make the dress to these measurements without your daughter trying it on.  I will be happy to make adjustments after you receive the dress by you sending me pictures of your daughter in the dress and shipping the dress back to me.  But to conserve time please measure accurately.  When completed, print and mail along with your signed Pageant Attire Contract and Deposit to Exclusively Christy Merchant, PO Box 776, Sulligent, AL  35586, or copy and paste to your email Program, fill in the blanks and email to  Let me know if you need any assistance or have any questions.
When taking measurements, do not allow for growing room.  I allow for that myself.  Fit the tape measure snug but not cutting into your daughter's body.   
(If you are unsure about any of these measurements listed, feel free to contact me and I will help you.  Some of my customers use the assistance of a family member or friend who is familiar with sewing to assist in taking the measurements.)

1.__________Chest Circumference: (around nipples)

2.__________Center Back Length: (from collar line to waist line)

3.__________Bodice Sideseam Length (from under arm to waist line, not how long you would like the bodice to be - I allow some length in addition to the measurement you provide here)

4.__________Back Slope(this is measured on back, from shoulder point, at a diagonal, down the back to the waist line. You should end up on the spine.)

5.__________Back Shoulder Width: (from seam line to seam line, before puff starts.)

6.__________Neck Circumference: (around neck)

7.__________Shoulder Circumference:(around shoulders)

8.__________Waist Circumference: (around waist, over belly button)

9.__________Sideseam Length: (from waist line, down side, all the way to hard floor surface. I must have this to the floor to get accurate measurements.)

10.__________Hip Circumference: (measured around bottom, around largest area)

11.__________Knee Depth: (from waist line to center of knee)

12._________Crotch Depth: (have them sit in a hard chair, measure from waist line down to the hard chair surface, down their side)

13._________Crotch Length: (thru legs, from front waist line to back waist line)

14._________Ankle Circumference: (around ankle bone line)

15._________Center Front Waist to Floor: (measuring from waist line to floor, from the front
waist line)

16._________Center Back Waist to Floor: (measuring from the waist line to floor, from the
back waist line)

17._________Height :(measured from top of head, all the way down to the floor. Basic height

18._________Skirt length: (this is usually fingertip length for cupcake style, measure from top of waistband of a fitting pair of pants, shorts or skirt down to fingertips when in "pretty hands")

19._________Approximate weight:

20._________Head circumference (measure around head where band will sit-only if band is requested)

21._________Girth (measure from top of shoulder across belly down to crotch)

22._________Sleeve Length (measure from top of shoulder to wrist across elbow while arm is slightly bent)

23._________Circumference of Bicep (upper arm)

24._________Circumference of Forearm

25._________Body Type(sway back, pooch belly, etc.)


Exclusively Christy Merchant
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