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Exclusively Christy Merchant

Custom Estimate Form

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Exclusively Christy Merchant

Pageant Attire Estimate Form

Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.
Please understand I can not make clothing below the posted minimum. 

10% discount
on orders placed for 
Any Combination of 3 or More
Plain or Decorated Shells
at the same time
Bodice Only:  $75
Short Skirt Only: $100
Standard Long Skirt Only: $125
Ballgown Skirt:  $275
Bodice and Short Skirt: $150
Bodice and Standard Long Skirt: $175
Bodice and Ballgown Skirt:  $325
Decorated Shell, Standard Long or Short Skirt: $375
Decorated Shell, Ballgown/Specialty Skirt:  $475
Bustle or Panty Cover: $25/each
Hairclip, Choker: $10/each
Superstretch Flowers: $7/each
HardBows: Starting at $15/each
Hardwire Swirls: $8/each
Hardwire Leaves: $8/Each
Hardwire Butterflies: $15/Each
Starting at $125
 Starting at $1250
Starting at $250

1. What type of Pageant clothing are you interested in? Dress, casualwear, sportswear, etc.. 

2. What approximate size does your child wear? (complete measurement will be taken at time of order) 

3. For dresses: Do you prefer a regular, southern style, or full cupcake skirt? 

4. For dresses: any special accessories such as a bustle, choker, overlay? 

5. Which length would you like the sleeves to be on your pageant wear? 
Long3/4Short PuffOff The Shoulder 

6. What type of neckline would you like on your pageant wear? 

7. What type of back style would you like for your pageant wear? 

8. Do you have a  photo of a design you have in mind? 

9. Do you need a matching diaper cover for your pageant wear? 

10. Do you need a matching head piece for your pageant wear? 

11. Please provide any special or specific instructions. 

12. What date do you need to receive this by? 
13. Do you have a specific price range you would like to work within? 
14. Would you like this low glitz, medium glitz or heavily glitzed? 

Thank you for your interest in Exclusively Christy Merchant Designs and I look forward to creating you that special winning pageantwear and will contact you with an estimate shortly! You MUST provide your email address below or I will not be able to respond.
Your name:
Your email:
 Make sure you put YOUR email address above or I will not be able to respond.

Exclusively Christy Merchant
PO Box 776   Sulligent, AL  35586        (205)712-9045
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